About CondoClicks
Integrated condominium management system

CondoClicks is an secure online system designed from ground up to facilitate the day to day operations of condominiums and multi residential communities. The system has been designed with many considerations.

Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Over the years our design engineers have spent extensive hours on researching and listening to potential users of the CondoClicks. The extensive knowledge that we have acquired from various sites made us design CondoClicks with simplicity in mind. Bravo to our engineers who came up with this design which has been well received by many.

Security with Reliability

With the latest Server technologies and redundant Internet backbone, we are able to provide CondoClicks part of a highly secure and reliable server cloud. This mode of implementation requires very little effort from our clients to start using the system. With our cloud of redundant server we are able to guarantee 99.9999% of uptime of the services.

We are serious about your data, we comply with all the required protections of the authorities. Also, our systems are designed with daily incremental backups.

Standard and Custom Features

CondoClicks is already filled with many valuable features. We offer a standard system to all our clients. The standard system would satisfy almost all of your site needs. If there is a much anticipated feature we are ready add that to our clients for free or at a very nominal cost.

Other services and products
We bring value innovation and growth to your site

The Engineers at CondoClicks/Pesiplex not only develop CondoClicks for multi residential communities, we also design custom security hardware modules. All our designs are engineered and manufactured in Canada. We have a proven record of designing and installing security systems for more than 3 years now. As part of the "Integrated Systems" model, we are happy to add CondoClicks to our line of products. Please visit PESIplex for further information about our security products.

Our mission
Simplicity with versatility

Our ultimate goal is to design a software system that takes very minimal time to learn (ease of use!). A system that is very reliable and secure (cloud computing!) and extensible (custom modules).

With CondoClicks, we believe we have achieved our mission and we want our valuable clients to provide more comments to make this system even a robust and feature rich.