Technological Innovations
what makes CondoClicks different than our competitors

CondoClicks has been design specifically for Condo managers and concierge officers. We don't expect any site to have a dedicated IT staff on site. As a result of that, we were forced to design a system that is reliable and fool-proof in many ways.

CondoClicks is powered by an industries leading database engine and running on the most reliable and secure operating system. Our setup does not require you to have expensive servers on-site as well as to use the system you just need a PC/Tablet with a web browser installed (99.99% of PC/Tablet should have this installed). If you are familiar with the browser to navigate from one page to the other, then you are 80% trained to use CondoClicks! We say that because, we know our system is way too simple to use.

Our highly stable servers are part of a redundant network architecture and hence we are able to assure an uptime of 99.9999% from our end. We comply with all major requirements and all your data are encrypted and protected from third parties.

CondoClicks screen shots
a picture worth a thousand words